“Attitude is Everything” – October 16th, 2019

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“Attitude is Everything” – October 16th, 2019

Dear Church Family,

What can help us become a better spouse, a better parent, a better employee, a better friend, and a better follower of the Lord Jesus? There aren’t too many virtues that can answer that question positively. One virtue that fits that description is having a good attitude.

On Sunday morning we will be looking at Philippians 2:14-16. The title of the message is “Attitude is Everything.” Other verses that will prepare you for this wonderful passage are I Kings 21:1-4, Job 1:20-22, and Proverbs 17:22. I anticipate an enjoyable time together in God’s Word.

May you rise above the circumstances of your life with an attitude that pleases Him. God bless you and have a great day!

In His Matchless Grace,

Pastor Joe