“Loving Others Deeply” – November 8th, 2018

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“Loving Others Deeply” – November 8th, 2018

Dear Church Family,

It is hard to know why some relationships work well and others don’t. There are several factors to consider. One reason that a relationship may not be working is that one person wants to have a closer relationship than the other. The latter can be holding back for one of several reasons. How does the person who is looking for a closer relationship respond?

In 2 Corinthians 6:11-13 we see how the apostle Paul handled that challenge with the church in Corinth. Our Sunday message is titled, “ Loving Others Deeply.” Other verses that will prepare you for our time in God’s Word are Song of Solomon 1:15-16, I Kings 4:29, and Philippians 1:8. I trust that you will benefit from our time in God’s Word.

On Sunday evening we will be enjoying a Moving Forward Meeting where the 2019 budget and goals for 2019, 2020, and 2021 will be discussed. We hope to see you there. Until Sunday, God bless you and have a great day!

In His Matchless Grace,

Pastor Joe