“Our Deepest Desire” – September 5th, 2018

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“Our Deepest Desire” – September 5th, 2018

Dear Church family,

The desires of a person’s heart can vary from time to time and from person to person. Wrong desires can lead to bad choices and even good desires that are not tempered can lead to bad choices as well. For instance, a young person can desire to be married and want to be married so badly that they settle for a mate that is not a good choice for them. Make no mistake about it, desires are very important in living  the Christian life.

This raises the question, “ what should be the greatest desire for any follower of Jesus?”  On Sunday morning we will explore that question as we study 2 Corinthians 5:1-5. The title of the message is “ Our Deepest Desire.” Other verses that will prepare you for this interesting passage are I Thessalonians 4:15-18, Psalm 16:10-11, and Provers 13:10. It will be a privilege to share with you the truths from this fascinating text.

Perhaps I will see you tonight as Wednesday night ministries begin again this evening. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart today. God bless you as you walk with Jesus!

In His Matchless Grace,

Pastor Joe